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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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double whammy today, windy, windy conditions and some heavy rain beginning to move in. we'll give you the forecast and rainfall totals coming right up. reporter: more than a dozen people are now out of their homes because of an early morning fire. we'll tell you about the unusual place it started coming up. fairfield police are investigating the city's fourth homicide in the last six weeks. what the victim of this latest shooting was able to tell investigators before he passed away. and more violence out of afghanistan this morning, the latest fallout from a deadly shooting rampage, why an american soldier. ktvu's channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. it is tuesday, march 13th. i'm ken wayne in for dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thanks for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson because we're having some pretty wet weather. >> we are. it took quite a while to get here, but it'll be here most of the week. part of the system blasting through the north bay right
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now, but it's going to slow down. the system has a long way to go. and if you don't have the rain right now, you have the cloudy, windy, windy conditions. you can see how out of the north bay is really painted on that. south of that there hasn't about too much. so there's a distinct line right now. this system is pricing some moderate rain, also up into lake county, mendocino county, napa and sonoma county and now marin county. here's sal. reporter: steve, i think it's going to be an adventure if you're driving. as steve mentioned, today could even be worse if the system parks over us and gives us a good dose of rain. and that tends to lead to more serious crashes when it's a dowp. right now it looks okay right now if you're on 880. san francisco northbound traffic 101, that looks okay. a little bit windy there and also windy on the bridges. 6:01. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are on storm watch this morning, and as sal and steve mentioned, the bay area bracing for a streak of wild and wet weather. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorain
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blanco is at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning where there is a wind advisory. reporter: yeah, the wind is picking up out here on the bay bridge. you can see my hair blowing right now, my scarf is blowing and the trees over there, they're swaying a lot harder than when we got out here at 4:00 a.m. there is actually a wind advisory in effect right now here on the bay bridge as well as three other bay area bridges this morning, the dunn-barton bridge, the san mateo bridge and the richmond bridge, all wind advisories in effect. so the chp would like you to use a little more caution out here when it's like that, leave a buffer zone between vehicles, slow down if you need to and really just be careful around those high profile vehicles because they sway a little bit more in this wind. as steve has been saying all morning, it's supposed to rain all week, so you're going to need to give yourself a lot of extra time. this is the first of a few days in a row where we're going to get the rain and the storm system is actually picking up out here. so you want to give yourself some extra time. the traffic is picking up, and
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just drive cautiously. reporting live on the bay bridge, lorain blanco, ktvu, channel 2 news. the storm is causing problems from the roadways to the skies. we just spoke to the is sfo duty manager a short time ago. flights scheduled to depart at this hour will take off on time, however, the airport will go into its weather delay mode at 7:45. that means arriving planes will be late. delays could last up to three hours. oakland and mineta-san jose international reporting no problems at least right now, but they are still urging passengers to check ahead with their airlines throughout the day. you can also check your flight status on our website, ktv while you're there also look at live storm tracker 2 and the forecast in the area where you live. just click on the storm watch tab right on our home page. happening right now, more than a dozen people have been forced out of their homes after an early morning apartment house fire in oakland.
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ktvu's taramoriarty is live on the scene with the very latest. reporter: this fire was a bit unusual because it started in the carport and it took crews about a half an hour to get it out. if you take a look behind me here, you can see the charred cars and right there is where investigators believe the fire began. if we pan upward, you can see the char marks from where the flames lapped up against the front of this apartment building. we're here off of adams street between lee and perkins where the fire broke out at about 4:00 this morning. it burned six cars from what the battalion chief told us. and because it damaged part of the building in the apartment complex here, crews evacuated folks. 18 people will now have to find a place to stay. >> i walked outside and all i know is is there was a fire in my apartment building and they evacuated everyone. it was such a heroic event, like, i didn't know what was going on this morning. i was kind of scared. reporter: the red cross is now on the scene to help residents. there are adults and children affected here.
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luckily no one hurt. investigators will now try to determine how this fire started. the battalion chief tells me this could have started in the car or right in front of the car and once they determine that, they'll be able to tell if this fire was accidental or not. live from oakland, tara, moriarty, tvvu channel 2 news. a shooting last night on utah street. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us now with the information the victim told officers before he died. reporter: the victim was shot several times, but he didn't die from his injuries right away. he was conscious and talking to investigators when they arrived on the scene and he was able to give them some information before he was airlifted to the hospital and that's where that victim died. now, the one thing he was able to tell investigators was that he didn't recognize the man who shot him. it happened at 8:30 last night in the 1100 block of hayes street. police got a call about gunfire in the area, and when they arrived, they found this 47- year-old man in the driveway of
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his home. he'd been shot several times. now, the man was airlifted to john mere medical center where he died from his injuries early this morning. police believe the man was shot inside his home and immediately afterwards he was able to make it outside to his driveway to get help. but police say at this point they just don't know the motive for this shooting. we don't have any information at this point to identify whether this was a robbery or some kind of other dispute that the victim had with somebody. reporter: witnesses say they saw a man wearing dark clothing running away from the scene. police are still looking for the suspect. police don't know the motive for the shooting, they don't know if it was a robbery, but they don't believe that this was a gang-related incident. and they also say they don't think this -- or, excuse me, this murder, this homicide is related to three other homicides that have happened in fairfield in the past month and a half. live in fairfield, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. 6:06. new this morning, the taliban is calling for revenge after an american soldier allegedly killed 16 afghan civilians.
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taliban militants attacked an afghan delegation visiting a village in the kandahar province. that's where the civilian shootings took place. a security guard was killed in today's assault. the taliban vowed the revenge after an army staff sergeant allegedly went on a shooting rampage on sunday. also in afghanistan, the first protests over those killings are taking place today. hundreds of students are gathered in the eastern part of the country demanding the u.s. soldier accused of the killings be put on a public trial. meanwhile, afghan forces are now stepping up security in kandahar where the shootings took place. soldiers are searching cars and questioning passengers. >> war is hell. these kind of events and incidents are going to take place, they've taken place in any war. >> the u.s. soldier in custody is from joint base lewis mcchord in washington state. he's 38 years old and married with children. he served three tours in iraq before deploying to his first
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tour in afghanistan. the polls are now open and today's republican primaries in mississippi and alabama. >> mornin', ya'll. good to be with ya. i got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits. i'll tell ya. >> the republican candidates are pulling out all the stops to appeal to southern voters. coming up at 6:15, one candidate who is still campaigning in alabama today while the others have moved on to the next contest. also today the congressional budget office is set to release a new estimate of the cost of healthcare reform law. the new estimate will include the price of a mandate requiring all americans to have health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty. now, the estimate will include the cost of covering tens of millions of uninsured people. last march the congressional budget estimate was more than $1.4 trillion over the first 10 years. time now 6:08. as the morning wears on, more
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rain, more drivers, more work for sal. sal. reporter: that's okay. just as long as i start my morning with some biscuits and cheesy grits, yum. >> grits are good. reporter: i know. i was recently in the south, and, boy, i'll tell ya, good food there. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. you hear the calm in my voice. we've had actually kind of a calmness in the last half hour or so. we kind of started off rough. now there have been fewer accidents and it looks like it's still windy, but the rain hasn't come down. now, steve will be along with the forecast and that could change this afternoon. this is what's called a tease for steve. steve will tell us why it may change this afternoon for your drive home. let's go to 101, san francisco, northbound 101, a little windy, but the traffic still looks pretty good getting up to the 80 split. this morning's commute, 880 southbound at fruitvale, still clearing a crash that was there. it's now off the freeway. westbound 24, a little bit of slow traffic already. 6:09. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you very much. our system is moving in, but, really, this is just a lighter
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rain in advance of it. most locations stay cloudy and windy, gusts up to 36 at sfo, 30 at the oakland airport. some light rain, but napa airport says cloudy. our system is there, it's on its way and it's already producing some rain. i'll show you some totals here in just a second. live storm tracker 2. the heavier rain is to the north, this is the lighter stuff in advance of it, although there have been reports of bursts, heading towards parts of nap dl a, vacaville. some of the heaviest is up in mendocino county. our observer up there had.56. it's getting there. the wind forecast along the coast for those of you over there, this is at 6:00 a.m., things are already beginning to crank up. look what happens here as we go until 1:00, noon, 30 to 40 miles per hour. that will continue through this evening as well. in fact, by tonight we'll see gusts to 40. maybe things will calm down a little bit tomorrow morning, but we're still seeing anywhere
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from the 30s. 50s on your temps due to the cloud cover and also that south wind, so really mild lows. 30s at this time yesterday. that's not the case today. this system right there will send in a series of fronts, disturbances. this one, though, looks like it's going to stall out late tonight into tomorrow which in turn would dpif the santa cruz mountains, ben lomond a lot of rain, 3.35, one to two plus towards parts of the north bay. sierra forecast, very windy, a lot of snow. it will be measured in feet over the next, oh, four days to 10 days probably, or six days. rain and wind today. 60s on your temps for some. that rain may take a while to get to the south bay. off and on rain will take us all the way into friday and saturday and then really cold and windy on sunday. >> oh, boy. we will prepare. 6:11 is the time. the criminal case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is coming to an end, but the political case against him may be only beginning. he called me and said if
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you don't bring me $500 he's my dog and i will shoot him in the head tomorrow. >> unbelievable. a family gets an unnerving phone call asking for ransom money for their stolen dog. good morning. southbound 680 traffic off to a decent start. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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a suspected dog napping. now, it started when a family in akron, ohio noticed their pit bull, papa bear was missing. they hung flyers in their neighborhood and quickly got a call from a man who said he wanted $500 for the dog or he would shoot it. the family called police who set up a sting. undercover officers arrested two men and papa bear, you can see, is back home and doing just fine. hikers who use a berkeley trail are being warned about an owl that's been swooping down on dogs. now, the owl is defending eggs in her nest in a claremont canyon tree. park rangers have put up warning signs, they say, keeping pets on a leash will keep them from becoming prey. no dogs have been hurt yet. the warning signs will likely stay up until the eggs hatch and the owlettes leave the nest. republican voter are casting ballots in primaries in mississippi and alabama today. ktvu's scott macfarlane is in our washington d.c. newsroom with why the primaries are
6:16 am
especially important to the campaign of newt gingrich. scott. reporter: in fact, both those voters in both of those states' voters are going to the polls right now. newt gingrich now the only candidate still on the ground still campaigning in that region. mr. gingrich has something of a southern strategy. he wants to add wins in both alabama and mississippi to his victories in georgia and south carolina to help boost his stalling campaign. in fact, gingrich has a primary night event in birmingham tonight. the polls are too close in these two states to determine who's the favorite. but rick santorum supporters want gingrich to lose, bail out and set up a two-man race instead. >> we feel like the states that are coming up are states that by and large are going to favor us. we are going to do exceptionally well in these states and the race will take another different go. clearly if we are successful here, it can have a very, very positive effect. reporter: rick santorum's
6:17 am
campaign has moved on to louisiana now. louisiana has a campaign event -- campaign votes next week. mitt romney now in missouri today. in fact, he has a campaign event after noon. those caucuses are scheduled for saturday. live in washington, scott macfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, the white house announced that first lady michelle obama will lead the u.s. delegation to the olympic opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer olympic games in london. today michelle obama and the wife of british prime minister david cameron will take part in a mini olympics competition with school kids in the washington d.c. area. that's in celebration of the 2012 london summer olympics. british prime minister cameron and his wife begin an official two-day state visit at the white house today. tonight president obama and the prime minister will travel together to dayton, ohio to watch an ncaa tournament basketball game. tomorrow night there'll be a formal state dinner at the white house in honor of the british prime minister.
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san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's trial ended before it even began. that's because of an 11th-hour plea deal. >> this has caused my family, the fire department, the sheriff's department and the city a great deal of turmoil and pain and disappointment. >> yesterday prosecutors agreed to drop the domestic violence charge and two other misdemeanor counts. in exchange, the sheriff pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment charges stemming from a new year's eve argument with his wife, eliano lopez. now mayor ed lee must decide whether to file official misconduct charges against mirkarimi. that could result in his forced removal from office. for now the sheriff is getting ready for sentencing which is scheduled for next monday. mirkarimi will get three years probation. he'll also be required to attend domestic violence classes, parenting classes and complete 100 hours of community service. the stay-away order that blocks
6:19 am
mirkarimi from contacting his wife will remain in effect until he completes some of those domestic violence classes. now, on our website we've posted unedited video of sheriff mirkarimi's response. you can find it on the mirkarimi case tab at 6:18. it is a wet commute out there. let's check in with sal and see how things are shaping up this morning. sal. reporter: ken and pam, i think the weather is also affecting flights in to sfo. we could have as much as three- hour delays later today because of the wet weather and the planes tend to stack up as the day moves on. right now the planes are reportedly leaving on time. delays at oakland or san jose just yet and delays at those airports not likely to be as severe. let's go outside and take a live look at the bay bridge. we have a backup at the toll plaza. it's backed up for about a 15- minute delay. it looks a little slow there. the cars are not moving through all that quickly. it's not stopped, but certainly you will be waiting for a bit and it's windy on the span, gusty up there. this is is a look at interstate
6:20 am
880 in oakland. we had a couple of earlier crashes. those have been removed. i also want to mention on butz canyon road at the lake county/napa county line, there's a tree down. they've notified the authorities there. as we look at the 24 freeway, eastbound 24 near the tunnel, looks like there's some sort of a stalled vehicle there. 6:19. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. just heard from greta, she's up in middle town, inch of rain, howling wind. some of the wind gusts we've seen are 50 miles per hour. some of the higher elevations in marin county, also mount diablo as you might expect. this system is packing a pretty good punch here. the rain coming in now is focusing mainly on the north bay. you see on live storm tracker 2, there have been amounts from a couple hundredths to almost an inch of rain. in mendocino county there's been a lot more. but napa county into sonoma county a lot less. this is a timeline computer model forecast showing where the rain and clouds will be right there. 10:00 you can see east bay, south bay, most of the peninsula, where is it, where is it.
6:21 am
it'll be cloudy and windy. finally this system drags south. by tonight it looks like everybody will be in on the rain. watch what happens with this system, by late tonight and into tomorrow morning, it really doesn't move. so therein lies a very wet forecast once is gets to the santa cruz mountains and other areas along the peninsula. in the meantime, 50s on your temps due to that south wind and the cloud cover. heavy rain in the north bay today and then sliding south tonight into tomorrow morning. next system will be here probably on friday. late thursday into friday. looks like we'll have three distinct systems with little systems within the system, but the main connector will be heavy rain north bay, spread south wednesday morning and well. then a break wednesday night into friday when another system will come in, sunday cold and windy. 50s and 60s on the temps. some of us with that south wind will be in the mild category until the rain afternoons which will be later today into wednesday. still off and on rain thursday. next system friday and saturday. there's your cold wind on sunday. this morning a commerce department reports retail sales hit their highest level in five
6:22 am
months. sales are up 1.1% to $700 billion in february. it says high gas prices were not enough to choke off purchases for clothing. analyst says the fast shift to the so-called software as a service trend is a looming threat to or acle. that sent stock below $30. or acle reports quarterly earnings next week. a woman suffering from seizures gets kicked out of a san francisco hospital. the reason the hospital says the woman could have harmed other patients. come with me, ma'am, let's go. how the brave man behind this fire rescue video are being honored today. reporter: good morning. traffic on highway 87 looks good driving up to downtown oakland -- or downtown san jose, i should say. traffic is going to be a little bit slow once you get there.
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reporter: good morning. right now traffic is moving along slowly here at the bay bridge. you can see it's pretty crowded, especially if you're coming in, let's say, from 580. it's already stacking up getting onto the bridge. >> thank you, sal. three firefighters are
6:26 am
being honored for rescuing two women from a fire. [ beeping noise ] >> this is video from a firefighter's helmet cam. it captured the rescue inside the smoke and fire filled home in concord last october. the firefighters from the contra costa county fire protection district will be honored at concord city council chambers. that's tonight at 6:30. a long-time medical marijuana advocate vowing legal action against a san francisco hospital after she says they kicked her out for using cannabis. ucsf admitted angel rach to help monitor her seizures. during her stay, rach tried to use a medical marijuana vaporizer. rach claims she had permission to use the vaporizer from a doctor but says a pharmacist told her she had to stop. rach refused and says the hospital then kicked her out. >> you can't just threaten me, you know, like that's just not fair. i have a right to medical care, i have the right to be able to
6:27 am
have my medicine. >> rach says she suffered a seizure after ucsf made her leave. she then went to st. mary's hospital and doctors released her last night. ucsf released a statement saying "even a vaporized form of medical marijuana releases particles into the air that are damaging to the lung. ". the statement went on to say that could have had an impact on others in the hospital. the san francisco 49ers did not take long to sign controversial wide receiver randy moss. the 35-year-old worked out yesterday and then signed a one- year contract. moss had played on several teams, including the oakland raiders. he has been criticized in the past for arguing with coaches and not being a team player, but moss says it's a bad wrap. joining the niners gives him a fresh start. tonight four men will be inducted into the bay area sports hall of fame. inductees include former raiders coach tom florence and former 49ers wide receiver gene washington. we're going to stream that,
6:28 am
live streaming, the 33rd annual ceremony. that will be on our website, ktv from 8:00 to 10:00 tonight. the wind is howling across the bay area. we're going to have a report from one of the bridges under a wind advisory. the dangers facing drivers this wet and wild tuesday. reporter: we're live in oakland where more than a dozen people are now out of this apartment building because of a fire. we'll tell you the unusual place it started coming up. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are ringing the opening bell in new york this morning as we look live at the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. retail sales in highlights this morning and pretty good numbers. highest numbers in the past five months and it looks like maybe enough to offset the high price of gas. a lot of people having to pay more for gasoline, so less on other things. but retail sales numbers look
6:31 am
pretty good this morning and we'll have all the business news coming up. time now is 6:30, good morning, thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is tuesday, march 13th. i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off today. i'm try to go get into the rhythm this morning. >> i know it's early for you, ken. we love that you're here, though. good morning, i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. it's the first in a series of big storms rolling into the bay area today with the rain, of course, comes those slippery and dangerous driving conditions out there. ktvu's lorain blanco is at the bay bridge toll plaza where there is a wind advisory at this hour. lorain. reporter: good morning. it's gotten a lot more windy and cold out here in the last couple of hours. traffic has also picked up out here on the bay bridge. the roadways are a little slick from some on and off rain here, but right now the main issue is the wind. gusts could get up to 40 miles per hour here on the bay bridge, a wind advisory is in effect on the bay bridge as well as the dunn barton bridge,
6:32 am
the san mateo bridge and the richmond bridge this morning. so give yourself some extra time and especially later on in the day when the rain picks up. you're going to want to drive very cautiously out here. give yourself an extra buffer zone, slow down if you need to and be careful of those high profile vehicles. of course, this is going to be happening throughout the week, these stormy conditions, and we have steve right now with the latest on the weather. >> we do have pretty windy conditions right now moving through. now, the heaviest rain will come in later this afternoon for many locations such as the east bay and also south bay and parts of the peninsula, but it's on the go right now in the north bay and it'll continue to stack up. there have been some one-inch amounts up towards lake county, right over napa now starting to pick up a little bit. let me go to the latest image. there we go. napa starting to pick up, and then up to the north, mendocino county, lake county, there have been anywhere from half inch to over an inch of rain.
6:33 am
this will continue to slide south. you can see where the line is right there, just starting to pass vallejo, and sausalito. the heavier rain will come in later this afternoon. >> thanks, steve, we'll check back with you and sal's traffic in just a few minutes. you can always find out the weather conditions by going to live storm tracker 2 and the forecast in the area where you live at any time of day. all you have to do is click on the storm watch tab at in overnight news, more than a dozen people have been forced out of their homes after an early morning carport fire. tara morearty is live at the apartment building in oakland. reporter: part of this apartment building and six cars went up in flames. if you take a look behind me, you can sort of make out where the damage is the worst, the char marks are is is where the damage is the heaviest. firefighters believe that's where it began. they think it started inside one of the cars and it is indeed accidental. we just got some new cell phone video in from a resident.
6:34 am
we're here off of adams street between lee and turkins where the fire broke out about 4:00 this morning. it was fully volved inside the cars parked in the garage. it heavily damaged one unit here and caused damage to two other units. folks evacuated here. 18 people will now have to find a place to stay. >> i just woke up, i smelled smoke and heard popping sounds. i tried to open my front door and it was just a wall of black acrid smoke. i shut it, ran out the back, came out front and there were cars on fire which are parked underneath our building. reporter: so some scary moments this morning for residents. and red cross is on scene now to help some of the residents. there are adults and children affected. luckily no one was hurt. it is pretty dark out here. we're back here live, you can take a look, you can see there is absolutely no power in the building, so gas and electric have been cut off and should not be restored for another two or three days, so these people are definitely going to need a place to stay for the next few
6:35 am
days. live in oakland. 6:34. after the killings of 16 civilians in afghanistan, allegedly at the hands of an american soldier, afghan- americans here in the bay area held a vigil at u.c. berkeley. >> students prayed for the victims of the weekend massacre. last night at sprau plaza, several of the students say they still have family in afghanistan and they're now very concerned the shooting rampage will damage the u.s. and afghan relationship. >> america is over there everyday, we're basically at war, but no one really knows what's going on over there. stories like this happen everyday and we're just so oblivious to it. >> another vigil is set to take place in fremont on saturday. rowdy fans could soon be banned from attending pro sports events anywhere in california. now, you might recall several fights at candlestick park last august during a 49ers game. now the sacramento bee reports state lawmakers are considering
6:36 am
creating a so-called banned list. that list would prohibit anyone convicted of a misdemeanor for fighting from attending a pro sports event around the state. no pro team or league has taken a position yet on that proposal. tonight the santa clarita city council will hold another special meeting on the 49ers stadium project. the council is expected to sign off on the final budget and funding plan. the price tag for the 49er's new home has now jumped to $1.2 billion, but the big project is now on the fast track with cruz set to begin in a few months. the current goal is to have the new stadium ready in time for the 2014 season. a mediator will now come in to try to resolve a labor dispute at mount diablo school district. [ chanting ] >> teachers rallied before last night's school board meeting in concord. there are two main sticking points, the length of the contract and furlough days. the district wants furloughs in the event of more state budget cuts. but the teachers union claims
6:37 am
the district has more than $30 million in reserves and doesn't need furlough days. teachers say a potential strike is still a few steps and many months away. the san francisco school district is facing its own money problems. teachers plan to demonstrate at tonight's board of education meeting. they are upset that the district is waiving seniority and is in the process of sending 500 layoff notices to teachers and other staff. however, the board voted to keep 70 teachers in 14 low- performing schools. some of those educators were hired just last year. well, we'll learn more tonight about the high speed rail train set to zoom through the peninsula and the south bay. a hearing is is planned in mountain view to go over the state's final business plan for the $100 billion bullet train from san francisco to l.a. now, the chair of the high speed rail authority board is set to make a presentation. you can voice your concern or support at the mountain view center for the performing arts. that's at 7:00. tonight the senate is expected to vote on a $109
6:38 am
billion transportation bill. coming up at 6:45 this morning, the teamwork that makes this piece of legislation so unusual. time now 6:37. it might be a good day to be on a train or muni trying to avoid the streets out there. sal. reporter: yeah. one of the things that gets people in trouble, ken and pam, is when people try to drive in rainy weather at the same speed, they're trying to make the same time as you would on a dry day. lots of times people get into crashes. let's go outside and take a look at the bay bridge. westbound, that is backed up for about a 15 or 20-minute delay. no major problems. it's pretty windy out there, you might feel some gusty wind. want to mention in napa county, between butz canyon road at the napa/lake county line, there is a tree down completely blocking that road. so if you know the road -- if it's butz canyon, you probably know, the road, right? come on. it's blocked this. is a look at 880 northbound and
6:39 am
southbound. traffic is moving along slowly in some areas. it's a little windy. you can see our camera shaking. on the peninsula 101 and 280 looks good. i want to show you some video of a big rig accident, actually, the ramp closure from 280 to 380 here this morning, happened about 3:00 this morning, a truck didn't quite make that ramp. they had to close that ramp for quite a time. they finally opened it about an hour and a half ago and you can now drive from 280 to 380 and get to the airport. just be careful out there. lanes are all open. at 6:39, let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you very much. and our system is -- well, it's howling through for some with the wind and for other areas the rain is is starting to move in. it's already started for the north bay, sliding very slowly south. so for some areas, especially towards the south bay, may take a while to get there. but it's inching farther south. some of the rain totals pretty impressive already up into mendocino county an inch of rain. these are about a half hour old. so you can probably add some to
6:40 am
this. santa rosa and ukiah. 28. this is not the main core of the system. the main core of the system will come in late tonight and stall out. this is the timeline, 9:00 a.m., still hanging out in the north bay most of it. by noon, it's getting parallel to the coast, also in the north bay. eventually by 5:00, 6:00 tonight it finally starts to slide south. look what happens by 10:00 tonight into tomorrow morning, watch, it doesn't move. that could stack up with some very heavy rain for parts of the peninsula, san mateo coast, santa cruz and santa cruz mountains. our system continues to be a low that's going to send in a series of systems. the rain and the wind is now, the cold comes in later at the end of the week, sunday, heads up, really cold and windy. just letting you know. snow levels around 2000 feet. rain late wednesday into thursday, two inches possible, mainly santa cruz mountains and to the north. yesterday we had 30s because of the cloud cover and a souling south wind. they are much, much warmer.
6:41 am
that's the cold core low right off of seattle. boy, i'll tell ya, that will be really active up there. for us it'll send in a series of systems, it's like a spoke or wheel that keeps coming back around. there'll be snowfall in the mountains measured in feet. i didn't bother to try and put it in. it'll be a lot. 30 to 75 mile per hour winds in the highest elevations. i heard from kelly in bridgeport. she said it's ridiculously windy up there. rain, wind for the north bay. 50s and 60s because of the wind out of the south, that's a mild direction. off and on rain, heavy at times will take us into wednesday. some rain thursday. the next system, the stronger one comes in friday, saturday. here comes your cold air on sunday. pam and ken. >> thank you, steve . the world's businessees airport is busier this morning with emergency crews. what caused a jet to rollle off a taxiway in atlanta. reporter: fairfield police are looking for a gunman who shot a
6:42 am
47-year-old man in the driveway of his home. we just talked to police officers. we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up. reporter: good morning. it's a tough drive out there because of the wet weather. we'll tell you with the traffic trouble spots are. ♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . good morning, 6:44. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following right now. security forces are now stepping up patrols in
6:45 am
kandahar, afghanistan after a shooting spree left 16 civilians dead. a u.s. soldier remains in custody accused of carrying out that massacre. protesters are now dmappedding the soldier be put on public trial. the investigation is under way into an early morning carport fire in oakland. it started just a few hours ago at an apartment house on adams street. that's not far from lake merit. this is home video of the big flames. the fire caused major damage to several cars and the apartment building above. the good news is there are no reports of any injuries. the highway patrol is reminding drivers to slow down this morning. there are wind advisories at the san mateo, dunn barton, san rafael and bay bridges. motorists should also watch out for flooded roads from heavy rains which are coming later in the day. fairfield police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened at about 8:30 last night on utah street. as ktvu's allie rasmus tells us, this is now the fourth homicide investigation in fairfield in the last six
6:46 am
weeks. reporter: that's right. we talked to fairfield police a short time ago and we asked them about their crime rate and they told us there have been five homicides in fairfield so far this year, four, as you mentioned, in the last six weeks. they say that is higher than the number of homicides this time last year. the latest round of violence happened 8:30 last night. neighbors in the 1100 block of hayes street in fairfield called police to report hearing gunshots in the area. when police arrived, they found a 47-year-old man suffering from several gunshot wounds. police just clarified something for us. they think this 47-year-old victim of the shooting was not shot in his house. they think he had just parked his car, he'd just come home, he was in the driveway when the gunman approached him and shot him several times. now, before the victim was airlifted to the hospital, he was able to talk briefly to investigators. he told them he didn't recognize the guy who shot him. at this point police don't believe this is a completely random crime, but at this point they just don't know the motive for the shooting. >> could it be a stranger?
6:47 am
it could be a stranger, but we don't believe that somebody is just robbing people on the street at that hour in front of their homes. this gentleman had just arrived home and something happened. reporter: witnesses say they saw a man wearing dark clothing running away from the scene and that fits the same vague description the victim was able to give police about his attacker. police say there have been other crimes on the same street, most of them gang related, but they don't believe the victim in last night's shooting had any gang ties at all. they don't believe this was a gang-related incident. detectives will be going back to the neighborhood later on this morning in the search for more witnesses. live in fairfield, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. new this morning, a delta airlines jet was damaged when it rolled off a taxiway in atlanta at the world's busiest airport. authorities say mechanics were testing the boeing 737 early this morning when they had a problem with the braking system and the jet rolled down the embankment. you can see it hanging on the side there. no passengers were aboard and
6:48 am
the mechanics were not hurt. traffic at the airport is not being affected at this time. today the senate is expected to pass a transportation bill that has unusual bipartisan support. now, the bill was cosponsored by california senator barbara boxer, a democrat and oklahoma senator james inhoffe a republican. the $109 billion bill would fund an overhaul of roads and transit systems. senators will spend most of today voting on about 20 amendments to that bill. time now 6:48. if you're just getting ready to head out the door, hold on for one second because sal is going to tell you what you're facing out there on the roads. sal. reporter: fortunately, we've had some improvement in the commute from early morning, but still kind of wet and rainy and windy especially. the winds are going to get your attention. first of all, let's go to the big backup we have at the bay bridge toll plaza. that backup is pretty long. it is not -- you know, it's nothing that you have to, like, be really worried about. but you will be taking some
6:49 am
time there at the toll plaza. and once you get onto the bridge it looks good into san francisco. northbound 101 traffic coming up from 280 and the almany maze looks good, passing chavez up to the 280 split. 280 extensions also okay. remember on the 280 extension, you tend to get some standing water whenever it rains. it hasn't been raining a lot, but just keep that in mind, especially if you're going to be commuting this afternoon on 280. highway 4 antioch some stop-and- go traffic. the rest of the commute, we have a lot of fender benders on highway 4 near willow pass road and 680 near highway 4. just little fender benders here and there as cars running into each other on the slick conditions. highway 80 westbound getting a little bit busy in richmond. then we're watching the men and women its freeway, nimitz freeway. now at 6:49, let's go to steve. >> are you ready? here's the system we've been talking about. much advertised, arriving on tuesday. it's arriving with a pretty good punch here, very, very windy conditions, gusts over 50
6:50 am
some of the higher elevations. the rain is stacking up mainly towards the north, but it's sliding slowly south and out ahead of that there's some very, very gusty conditions. the rain, again, is going to favor the north bay for a while here and then slowly, slowly start to move south. but the heaviest will be in the north bay for a while. then by tonight into tomorrow this system is going to move ever so slowly. so 50s on the tempts right now because of that south wind and really mild air mass over us right now. first of what looks to be three main systems, that'll be a system within the system. but the low responsible for rotating those around has set up shop and it'll start to carve itself out. by the weekend we'll see a system eventually dig all the way down. boy, will that bring in some really cold air. we start out with rain for the early two parts of the system. this weekend it'll be wind and cold. look at ben lomond, santa cruz mountains, scotts valley, they'll be looking at two to
6:51 am
three-inch amounts. these are projections. so a decent system here taking us through thursday morning. snow will be really measured in feet. so just keep that in mind. winter storm warnings out until 5:00 a.m. and rip roaring wind up there in some of the high erelevations above 6,000. heaviest rain in the north bay and sliding south by this afternoon and this evening. warmer lows, that's one consolation, focus on the positive. 50s and 60s. but it could be a mild day towards past are parts of the east bay and the santa clarita valley. rain will take us into wednesday. there'll still be some rain around, but a little bit of a break thursday. next system friday and saturday. there's your cold wind on sunday. >> thank you, steve. apple and the chinese company that are suing it are both speaking out today. apple says pro view's technology claim that the trademark can't be transferred is misleading to the courts and customers. apple says it bought the global rights to the ipadad name in 2009. proview which is in financial trouble is urging apple to settle the case out of court. time now 6:51.
6:52 am
it's become a common modern-day crime. how muni passengers are becoming victims and what police plan to do about it starting today. also a new high tech service that many say is long overdue in the hearts of silicon valley. reporter: good morning. if you're driving on interstate 80 westbound, a little bit busy now as you drive out to the macarthur maze. ♪
6:53 am
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking you live to new york this morning. the big board, dow jones up about 38 points, to 12,998. a lot will hinge on what the federal reserve has to say later this morning after they meet, expected to be concerned about unemployment. the search continues this morning for two inmates who escaped near sacramento. adam michael marcommand and joshua john anderson fled sunday during a prison work detail near french camp in san joaquin county. authorities say one of the men attacked a farmer and sold his truck. investigators are concerned because they say marchand has a history of violence. he was arrested for domestic violence. this morning livermore police are looking for two men who broke into two businesses. a surveillance camera recorded the burglary suspects saturday night. one of them wore baggy pants and a light-colored sweatshirt. the other wore light-colored pants and a dark jacket. the contra costa county times
6:56 am
reports the men stole electronics from businesses on contractor street. if you know who these men are, you are asked to call livermore police. today the antioch city council will hear the public's concerns over a new park. the city plans to open nelson ranch park this summer. the five-acre park will have a picnic area and children's playground. but many neighbors are worried about safety, noise, litter and increased traffic. there are even concerns the new park could lower their property values. police want muni riders to be smart with their smart phones. muni is seeing an increase in the number of mobile devices being ripped right from the hands of passengers. this afternoon the san francisco police chief and the transit agency will announce a new safety campaign. riders will be reminded to stay alert and aware of their surroundings. silicon valley is getting a big technology boost by upgrading a system. a new out the door free wi-fi system is being install inside downtown san jose.
6:57 am
city leaders believe the $94,000 system will bring more people downtown. it's expected to be up and running before the end of summer. time now 6:56 and i don't want to jinx it, pam, but so far it's been pretty good out there considering the weather. >> yeah. reporter: considering the weather. however, we have a brand new injury crash reported just now northbound 101, just came across at 380 in san bruno area, northbound 101. it was also reported at south airport, then we got the fire call, so fire and medics are on the way. we'll keep a watch on that. what you said, ken and pam, is actually pretty good, it's better than we thought it would be. let's quickly move along to the bay bridge. it looks pretty typical here, about a 15-minute delay. looking at interstate 880 northbound and southbound, again, the traffic looks pretty good. a little windy out there, so be careful. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. it's very windy for some, it's going to be a windy day. the rain has mainly been focusing on the north bay right now. but it is starting to move south and also east and that
6:58 am
will start to slide over. so if you're in the south bay, i think you're all right. but this system continues right there. you can see the line stretching from parts of concord, san francisco and oakland. we'll have more coming up on "mornings on 2". >> yes, we will. coming up on "mornings on 2", we continue storm watch. we'll continue our coverage of this wet and windy tuesday morning. we'll also have more on this early morning carport fire that caused some major damage to an oakland apartment building. we now have home video of the flames you're seeing here. stay with us. we'll have more. @
6:59 am
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